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Call for nominations - EAPP Executive Committee and President-Elect

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Dear members of the EAPP

we would like to invite nominations for two vacancies of the EAPP Executive Committee and one vacancy as President-Elect.

Please use the attached forms to submit a nomination for the above positions. Any nomination must be supported by at least two members of the EAPP. Nominees must be persons who have been full members of the EAPP for at least two years. The members’ list can be consulted at

Please, be sure to obtain the nominees’ agreement to be put forward for the election before proposing their name.

Closing date for submitting nominations is March, 31, 2018. The nomination form should be returned to the EAPP secretary, Anna Baumert, by email:

With best regards,
The EAPP Executive Committee


sent on behalf of the European Association of Personality Psychology