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Personality and Social Psychology Comments

A new website recently launched by EAPP member Nazar Akrami

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Screen of the website “Personality and Social Psychology Comments (PSPC)”

Screen of the website “Personality and Social Psychology Comments (PSPC)”

published: 10.04.2008 by

From the editorial:

Personality and Social Psychology Comments (PSPC) is an online database that seeks to publish comments on already published papers within the area of personality and social psychology.

In order to advance as a scientific field, we argue that personality and social psychology should be characterized by cumulative knowledge as well as a constant questioning and discussion about what has been previously established. To incorporate such an ideal, previous data and unpublished research should be far more accessible than it is today.

We believe that there is a great deal of well-conducted research such as replications, extensions of previous studies, and null findings that never reach the stage of publication. Thus, valuable information never gets accessible to the scientific community.

Most of all, however, we believe that scientific enterprise should be open and critical and there should be a space to express criticism and other viewpoints. PSPC is meant to provide a forum for these issues and hopefully function as a resource for researchers conducting reviews and meta-analyses as well.

Website: www.psp-comments.com