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Conference 2000

ECP10 • 2000, July 16-20 • Cracow, Poland


Andrzej Eliasz (Warsaw School of Social Psychology, Poland)

Invited Speakers

  • Mervielde: Childhood Personality Structure: Temperament versus the Big Five (Presidential address)
  • McCrae: The Physics and Chemistry of Personality
  • Hettema: The Bottom-up Approach to Personality: Arousal, Effort and Activation as Major Dimensions
  • Strelau: The Place of the Construct of Arousal in Temperament Research
  • Asendorpf: Three Major Prototypes of Personality Description
  • Brody: Isomorphic Relations Between Intelligence and Personality
  • Ackerman: Personality, Trait Complexes and Adult Intelligence
ECP10 Poster

ECP10 Poster