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The purpose of the EAPP is the promotion and development of empirical and theoretical personality psychology within Europe and the interchange of information relating to this subject between members of the EAPP and cognate associations throughout the world.

The EAPP pursues the following activities:

  • organization of meetings and conferences;
  • promotion of mutual scientific communication and research cooperation between members, and between members and other scientists;
  • publication of manuscripts;
  • co-operation with other associations and institutions within and outside Europe.


Conference 2018
ECP19 • 2018, July • Zadar, Croatia

Conference 2016
ECP18 • 2016, July 19-23 • Timisoara, Romania

Conference 2014
ECP17 • 2014, July 15-19 • Lausanne, Switzerland

EAPP Online Application
Your application will be forwarded to the treasurer of the EAPP.


ECP19 in Zadar

Zadar is a beautiful coastal city!

Zadar is a beautiful coastal city!

11.08.2016 read more…

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ECP18 conference in Timisoara

ECP18 Logo

ECP18 Logo

07.10.2015 | Learn about the latest news in personality psychology through the voice of outstanding speakers and build your network of professional connections at ECP18! read more…

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